How I See It…

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How I See It…

Hi, Guys! Rocket here. This is my launch blogpost. Welcome to The Rocket Family Chronicles which is sort of like a mockumentary about my normal family.

See… I am a teenager and I have autism. I have a different way of looking at things. The best example I can give you about autism is from this TED TALK by the awesome Dr. Temple Grandin. She describes autism as “a very big continuum” of all kinds of minds. She’s right. It is.

Temple Grandin invented a structure for cows to help keep them calm when they are on their way to the slaughterhouse. In the world of animal husbandry, which is her focused interest, she was able to see the pattern of how cows react to details in their environments (like, for example, waving flags or certain color hats or chains hanging on fences) and she could hear the emotional sound quality of their mooing. That helped her to understand what was stressing out the cows so that she could be helpful to them, to protect them from fear as they headed for slaughter.

I, too, see my life in random visual and sensory details and when I put them together, they make up a whole picture. That’s why I like to film it. There is just stuff that I see that other people miss. In my chronicles, I’m trying to capture the random unrelated acts in my family life and edit them together in these little webisodes.

My mother Maive is — no offense, Mom — distracted. I think a lot of mom’s are distracted. It’s a distracting life. My sister, Violet can’t wait to run the world. And my dad, Kirk, lives in a state of perpetual time zone dysfunction. He works most of the time in Africa. We call him the “Alligator Whisperer.” And my mom’s sister, Aunt Roxanne, thinks she knows best about everyone’s business, especially my mom’s.

I love filmmaking, art, and singing. If you go to @therocketfamily on Twitter, you can get my daily updates about what I’m doing and stuff I like related mostly to film and art and stuff that relates to my life. Check out my twitter feed posts and follow me on my Facebook Fanpage.

I’m new at writing a blog. My mind races a lot and works way faster than my fingers can type. If you enjoy The Rocket Family Chronicles, please let your friends know about it, so they can click LIKE on the Fanpage. And talk to me! Go to The Rocket Family Chronicles Facebook Fanpage and send me a message or a vblog. I want to hear from you.

.`~ ) Rocket

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