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Woody Allen just left San Francisco and we loved that he came to our city to film. It’s not the best place to be in the summer, but he got some good weather. I also love his methodology; he writes, produces and films one film a year. Some of them are terrific and some haven’t gotten the recognition they might otherwise deserve. Regardless, I admire his discipline, that he just keeps going.

In the Bay Area, we are proud that our community of actors, producers, and so forth support one another in whatever opportunities come our way…or whatever opportunities we create for ourselves. You know, it’s “that” small; we HAVE to support one another. That IS community. This is what we are about. I love, for example, when my son goes to an audition, hearing the young people wish each other good luck…”I may get the role this time and you might get it next time…so, hey, good luck!” Wow! In my book, that’s refreshing.

I was recently bemoaning to a friend of mine who is a producer and cameraman in Hollywood about The Rocket Family Chronicles not rolling out fast enough. He said, “Are you kidding? You’re doing what every major studio down here is trying to figure out how to do! Making any show into a webseries is in the fine print of every contract I’ve had to sign in the past two years. You ARE doing it!”

So, okay…we’re doing it. We’re following Woody’s methodology–we’re doing our thing and we just keep going. We are well aware that we are Hollywood’s fair-haired stepchild. As ubiquitous local Executive Producer and long-time UPM Ned Kopp put it, “I live here to live.” Simply put, Northern California is likely one of the more compassionate, magical, and livable placse to be, despite all the crazy rhetoric that seem to be out there about this place.

The Rocket Family Chronicles has come together because of the generosity of spirit of so many people, Bay Area people…and a few really cool people from H-land (Thank you Doug Olear and Valerie Richards!). So, welcome. Invite your friends to check out the series and join our community by signing up for The Rocket Insiders’ Club.

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